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Lynn Morrell has a very unique mentoring program based in the Baltimore area but which is conducted throughout the USA called "Kids Play for Good." She gives great insights into the needs for mentoring and how tennis is a first line opportunity to help get youngsters connected with leadership training and how it is so much deeper than just competition.
Coach Chuck Kriese
Our Featured Coach is Chuck Kriese
Coach Chuck Kriese (pictured above with his daughter) joins our KPFG Champions Network as a result of his extraordinarily generous support of ambassador Henry Ko during his rally for The Children's Inn at NIH .
Coach Kriese invited Henry to join him as a guest on his American Tennis Radio Show on three different shows and he provided priceless advice and mentoring throughout!

We're humbled and honored that Coach Kriese joins us an active supporter of KPFG youth ambassadors in their fundraising and leadership activities.

About Chuck
Coach Kriese is known for his legendary impact in the world of coaching young players: he is a 4 time National Coach of the Year; developed 38 All American players; Winningest Coach in ACC history; and is an Intercollegiate Tennis Hall of Fame inductee. Coach Kriese’s
Total Tennis Training Camps have achieved a reputation as the one of the best junior tennis training programs in the United Sates.

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In this episode of Blog Talk Radio's American Tennis, listen to Coach Chuck Kriese interview Lynn Morrell, the Founder of Kids Play For Good.
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