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David Ross & Femi Lawal
KPFG Official Entertainers

    The Creed KPFG Ambassadors play and give by!

    Listen to Hip Hop legends David Ross and Femi Lawal of The 5thL perform this inspirational piece they wrote exclusively for Kids Play For Good. The KPFG Creed was so well received, US OPEN Entertainment booked the duo to perform 3 live sets of the Creed and other 5THL poems during the US Open in Flushing Meadows, New York.

    Baltimore hip hop artist, David Ross, performs an original tribute he wrote honoring Henrietta Lacks.
    This tribute was performed during the KPFG "Battle of Baltimore" rally lead by Carol Nettina and 3 other Club College teams, to benefit the surviving Lacks family members.

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