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Carol's rally for the Henrietta Lacks family

    Four Baltimore University Club Tennis Captains Lead KPFG Rally For Henrietta Lacks Family

    Henrietta Lacks has been described as the most important woman in medical history spawning a multi- million dollar industry and a medical revolution while many of her family members today can’t afford access to the health care advances their mother made possible for all of us! You can learn more about Henrietta Lacks and her family by reading the best selling book titled: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Visit this website.

    Four local tennis captains, serving as Kids Play For Good ambassadors organized a Rally to give back to the Henrietta Lacks family. Leading the Battle of Baltimore Rally are: Carol Nettina, Loyola Univ.Md; Robby Borah, Johns Hopkins Univ.; Valerie Thompson, Towson Univ., and Chad Elkins, UMBC. Tournament Director: James Magee, Loyola Univ. Md.Club tennis coach

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    Baltimore hip hop artist, David Ross, performs an original tribute he wrote honoring Henrietta Lacks.

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      Lacks family cheering David Ross' performance

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