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Meet Bandit our KPFG official Mascot

    Bandit is our Mascot.
    Service is our Creed. Kindness is our Rally Cry.

    Our mascot Bandit may look likes he's down and out with those two shiners but he's a gamer strutting his stuff as the Official Ball Dog during KPFG rallies! Bandit just can't resist the urge to play good! His "giving" story appears in a book titled: The Gratitude Book Project-Best of Pets. His puggly mug is all over a tennis photo-story-book created for The First Family of the United States. And he's basking in the glow of 35,000 votes cast for Swacketts pup peep weather app. Bandit won top dog in the pup votes mash up! Apparently his adoring peeps are packing everywhere!
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    Guess what? Over 35,000 votes were cast and you guys helped make Bandit, pup #427 the #1 Top Dog for Most Winning Votes in Swacketts Pup Mash honoring Canine Companions for Independence! Bandit is feeling so darn ziggity dog happy he might just try to lead a Kids Play For Good dog fest walknroll in Baltimore for CCI!
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    Bandit's story "No Pacemaker Required" appears in this book.
    Proceeds from the sales of the book benefit the ASPCA.
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    Hot diggity dog! Bandit captured Baltimore's Most Beautiful Dog Finalist title.

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